Email & Office365 Solutions

Email is a key to your business. You need a reliable IT company to manage your email solution, and support your end users. NGB Solutions is a Microsoft Partner with specialization in Office 365 and other email platforms.

NGB Solutions can make email management easy.

What Kinds Of Email Solutions Does NGB Solutions Offer?

Email communication is the lifeline of your business—more so than phone calls, text, social media or any other form of communication. Any interruption in email function is chaotic and costly for your business. You need a reliable email platform, one you can count on to consistently deliver emails to clients, vendors and contacts. We have a variety of email solutions for businesses of all sizes, from single user to large corporate environments. We’re experienced and certified in both Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps email platforms and can even help you setup your Microsoft Exchange email.

Increase Security

Spam, ransomware and phishing are very real threats—and the primary way they get into your system is by email. We manage and maintain anti-spam and antivirus software to keep your vital communications protected.

Boost Productivity

Since you’ll be spending less time and money maintaining your email platform, you’ll have more time to focus on the important things. We’ll remotely monitor your email environment to ensure your communications are delivered securely and efficiently.

Gain Microsoft Exchange Services

Combined with our Office 365 Management support services, you get full MS Exchange support. Our experts make sure you maximize productivity by fully leveraging its built-in advantages.

What Email support and MS Exchange services does Preemo provide?

Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange Email
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Microsoft Exchange Server Management
Email Recovery, Spam Management and Suppression

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